Dominate the GMAT and your life


Our objective is to make you indispensable, from the classroom to the boardroom. How do we do that? We think of ourselves as GMAT coaches rather than tutors. We will help you dominate the GMAT, and in the process, we give you the strategies and tactics you need to excel at a top MBA program and beyond. 



Merchant GMAT alumni currently attend or have attended the following schools and many more:

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Want to go to a school like that? Then you need a coach, not a tutor. Our six part value proposition will help you reach your target score while addressing your busy schedule. Scroll down to learn more.



Attack your weaknesses

General GMAT prep is a waste of your time and money. Do you want to make the most of every minute of your prep? Then you need a study plan customized to you. Our coaches will diagnose your weaknesses and craft a curriculum suited to your unique needs. Through our curriculum, you will learn to play to your strengths and minimize your weaknesses in order to become a professional problem solver, skills that will service you for the rest of your life, far beyond the exam and business school.

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Jess Y. / GMAT 750

“Merchant GMAT worked closely with me to help identify my strengths and weaknesses, and developed a targeted program to push my studying process forward.”




It's your most valuable asset

You work long hours and you have a life, so your GMAT prep needs to be time efficient. Our methods are tailored to you so that you can learn fundamental concepts through only a few problems rather than laboring for hours on hundreds of unnecessary homework problems. Have faith in our curriculum, and your score will improve in only a few hours with us. Our coaches are professionals—every minute of your time with us will be dedicated to our shared goal of your success.

Tomas S REAL CUt out-3.png

Tomas S. / GMAT 730

“Flexible scheduling and time efficient are the best adjectives to describe this preparation experience.”




Frameworks designed for you

The GMAT seems impossibly complex. It appears to require an infinite number of abstract, obscure skills—impractical to gain in only a few months. You're right. Acquiring these skills is impractical. Do you think that memorizing a bunch of formulas or idioms that you haven't thought about since high school will help you succeed in life? Neither do the authors of the GMAT. What they are really trying to determine is whether you have the necessary skill set to succeed at the next level: a top MBA program. We have boiled this skill set down to a few fundamental concepts that the test emphasizes repeatedly. Our coaches design a program personalized to your way of learning in order to best equip you with essential problem-solving strategies. These frameworks that we leave you with will help you master the GMAT and, more importantly, allow you to dominate business school and the business world after you graduate.

Seb O Cut out-2.png

Seb O. / GMAT 740

"These guys cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of the GMAT. They have designed unique systems that were essential in helping me overcome my own mistakes."




Make the GMAT afraid of you

Are you nervous about taking the GMAT and applying to business school? Most applicants are. In fact, test day nerves are a huge factor in bringing down scores. If you want to eliminate this anxiety, you need a coach, not a tutor. Every part of our program, including our lessons, strategies, resources, and study plan, is specifically designed for test day—game day. Our coaches will kick your ass. We'll constantly motivate you to study, get you excited about your coaching sessions, and force you to believe in yourself. We'll help you through the whole process, from test day to the day you hear that good news from your dream school. When you begin the exam, it won't be whether you're afraid of the GMAT, it will be whether the GMAT is afraid of you. You will stride with confidence into the testing room, the classroom, and the board room beyond.

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Tess M. / GMAT 720

“Y'all changed my studying outlook and overall experience with the GMAT. Dare I say it was even fun at times? I already miss our weekly sessions.”




You deserve a pro

Let us ask you something: if your car broke down, would you rather have an eighteen-year-old future mechanic take a look, or the sixty-year-old grizzled professional? The answer is obvious. The lesson? Experience matters. In order to maximize every minute of your GMAT prep, you need coaches who are intimately familiar with the exam. Our coaches have a combined 5,000 hours of experience with the GMAT. These hours have taught us that you will have different learning habits, strengths, and weaknesses than any of our other students. Our most successful students have ranged from non-native English speakers to math novices, from people with no prior preparation to people who have taken the GMAT three times already, and from consultants to non-profit warriors. Whatever your background may be, we will target and overcome your weakest points to maximize your success on the exam and in the business world beyond.

Michelle S Cutout 2-3.png

Michelle S. / GMAT 750

"Their years of experience came in handy both in identifying my weak points and in simplifying the nuances of the GMAT."




You need the best materials

If you want to perform the best, you need access to the best. Experience and strategies are all well and good, but they need to be backed by concrete prep materials. We will provide you with a combination of the highest quality resources available to craft a customized curriculum suited to your needs. Our library of videos, homework logs with analytics, exhaustive slide shows, custom quizzes, and recorded classes are all designed to make sure you have the materials you need to succeed.

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Emily A. / GMAT 730

"Merchant GMAT provided lots of additional study resources where I could get information on specific practice questions. We met in person and they kept track of my progress through a private online document we shared.”