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GMAT Tutoring and MBA Admissions Consulting

Don't just apply, stand out.

We help Latin America's premier young professionals navigate the GMAT exam and MBA application process. 


Support for every step of the Application Process

Improve your score

GMAT Tutoring

Both group and one-on-one classes guaranteed to improve your GMAT score. With a more relationship-based approach to teaching, we tailor our services to your specific needs.


Pick the right schools

School Selection

We understand the ideal student profile of top admissions committees, and we use this expertise to help you strategically select the most competitive and attainable programs for your skillset.

Feel confident in interviews

Interview Preperation

After several rounds of our intensive mock-interview program, you will be prepared to answer difficult questions while also letting your personality shine.

Write great essays

Essay Editing

We provide significant editorial feedback on your essays, empowering you to frame your professional narrative in an exciting way that will stand out

"Having a study group helped me learn from my classmates and realize I was making "normal" mistakes. My group was awesome, and made the classes more fun and relaxed. I am glad I chose the Academy course!"



710 GMAT

 “As the COVID lockdowns arrived, I decided to study for the GMAT, on my own at first, with little to no progress, scoring only a 590 in the mock exam. Luckily I heard about Merchant and, after only 20hs of classes, I got to a 720 that helped me get into CBS and land a significant scholarship.”

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720 GMAT - MBA Candidate CBS (Colombia Business School) 2024

  Merchant helped  to implement strategy I had never seen, as well as apply GMAT Therapy to make sure my true score could come out on Test Day.” I wanted to conquer GMAT by myself. Pulling from GMAC Original guide books, youtube channels, free tests and guides online, I could not crack 600.
With a goal to get my GMAT from 600 - 770 in 1.5 months, this required 100% focus, 20 hours of studying a week, and weekly 1-1 coaching sessions.”


Ignacio Gaing

Argentina - 770 - LBS MBA Candidate 2024

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    Tim Jackson

    Director of Student Success

    - "Preparing for the GMAT and applying for an MBA requires a tremendous commitment, and that doesn’t take into consideration the personal challenges our students must face when deciding if they want to leave their friends, families, and native cultures behind to advance their careers abroad. An MBA is not for everyone and that’s precisely what makes this advanced degree so valuable. 

    For these reasons, we at Merchant only work with students we are confident have what it takes to succeed throughout the preparation and application processes.

    Given an increased demand in our services, we do not have the ability to offer free consultation services to unserious applicants. If you are interested in learning more about Merchant, please fill out this form. After reviewing your LinkedIn profile, our team will be in touch with you if we feel you are a good fit for our services." 

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