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Meet the Entrepreneur Using her MBA to Fight the Gender Pay Gap

Mel Faxon
London Business School
Class of 2019
GMAT Score: 690

Whether it be travelling to Barcelona to start a new job, heading off to London to pursue her MBA, or following her entrepreneurial dreams to bring gender equity to the workplace, Mel Faxon is always on the move. Her story begins in the United States. Mel grew up in Rhode Island and in 2007 pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. After graduation, her professional career took off. Mel was able to work in numerous cities, including NYC, Barcelona, and Denver, gaining experience in everything from real estate strategy to working as a travel specialist and even as an admissions officer! Ultimately, Mel yearned for a more international experience that would allow her to reach her full potential. 

After gaining experience in the professional world, Mel knew it was time to get her MBA degree. She was proud of the lateral strides her career had taken, but she aspired for more vertical career movement. She began preparing for the GMAT with Merchant GMAT & Admissions and her hard work paid off: Mel scored a 690 on the exam! The next step was finding her dream MBA program. 


The International LBS Experience


Mel was attracted to the international aspect of London Business School. Her previous work in Barcelona and France gave her a taste of international life. She knew that she wanted to pursue her MBA abroad and was excited to challenge herself. 


Mel knew she made the right choice when she began studying at LBS. She graduated in a class of 430 people, representing over 60 countries. Only 8% of the students were from the UK. Mel cherished the diversity of LBS, and felt that her learning was augmented because she was exposed to many different perspectives. 


LBS gave her the true global experience that she desired. One of the highlights of her MBA career occurred during her second year, where she was able to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa for a week. Her time in South Africa was formative and enriching and Mel spent her time acting as a consultant for a local entrepreneur. Mel appreciated the opportunity to help a small startup business in action, a refreshing break from the typical business school focus on huge established companies. 


From CBD Startups to Mirza – The New Financial Planning App for New Parents


Mel’s ambitions didn’t just stop inside the classroom, however. On top of her already demanding role as an MBA student, Mel also had projects of her own that she was excited to launch. Mel began launching her first business concept while studying at LBS: a CBD company featuring products aimed at improving sleep wellness. 


As Mel grew her business, she made some discoveries that shifted her focus from consumer products and uncovered a new foundation for her current venture. Mel noticed that most of her consumer base for CBD products were menopausal women seeking relief. As she learned more about this demographic, Mel found herself down the rabbit hole of women’s health. The more she learned about the inequities in the gender pay gap and the struggles that mothers face in the professional world, the more passionate she became. 


After these discoveries, Mel began Mirza, a financial planning tool for new parents. Her goal: to keep women in the workplace. She recognizes the difficulty thousands of women face in returning to the workplace postpartum as well as understands the gender pay gap that coincides with their return. Mirza is a tool to “guide the modern parent,” helping people understand the costs and employment impacts of starting a family. In a world where the modern woman is often forced to choose between motherhood and career acceleration, Mel is fighting to give women the power to have both.


Mirza is just one of many examples of Mel’s entrepreneurial spirit in action. With an degree from one of the top MBA programs in the world, a drive to turn her dreams into reality, and a constant ambition to expose herself to international perspectives, one thing is for sure: Mel is a true go-getter who is always on the move and we can’t wait to see where her entrepreneurial drive takes her next!

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Tim Jackson

Director of Student Success

- "Preparing for the GMAT and applying for an MBA requires a tremendous commitment, and that doesn’t take into consideration the personal challenges our students must face when deciding if they want to leave their friends, families, and native cultures behind to advance their careers abroad. An MBA is not for everyone and that’s precisely what makes this advanced degree so valuable. 

For these reasons, we at Merchant only work with students we are confident have what it takes to succeed throughout the preparation and application processes.

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