Scholarships to MBA Programs

Many schools offer financial support programs for their students. However, some schools offer more financial support to students than others. Most of the schools will offer merit-based scholarships in order to attract the best candidates regardless of their financial needs.

Scholarships by school: Europe

London Business School

LBS offers a variety of scholarships for students, with specific scholarships for international students and women. Scholarships are either full-fee awards or a one-time award that is anywhere from £12,000 to £50,000. There is also the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarship for Africa that covers full fees.

Warwick Business School

Their scholarships are merit-based and range from 50% of first year’s fees to full tuition plus living expenses.

Saïd Business School

This school also offers a variety of scholarships: for regional students, for entrepreneurs and for women. The assistance ranges from £10,000 to full tuition and includes living expenses.

Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield School of Management offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships that range from £7,000 to full tuition.


INSEAD offers a wide range of scholarships. Some are based on financial need and others are based on merit, nationality, gender, etc. INSEAD has put focus on the dynamic emerging market regions and offers scholarships to candidates from emerging countries. There are scholarships for women too. Check the following:


IMD offers merit-based fellowships with special focus on international students, especially for women (Nestlé Scholarship for Women) and students from developing countries.

ESADE Business School

ESADE offers scholarships that range from 25% to 50% of tuition fees. There is also the Women of the World Scholarship for female candidates with financial needs, regardless of nationality and background.

HEC Paris

HEC offers scholarships based on financial needs and merit. They also have specific fellowships for women, through The Rainbow Bridge Foundation (for women from Asian and African countries affected by natural disasters, drought or famine), and developing countries, providing a monthly allowance and covering additional expenses (travel and health insurance).

SDA Bocconi

This school offers scholarships that range from 50% to 100% of tuition fees for students from all over the world. Additionally, it offers partial merit-based fellowships to female candidates.


ESMT offers many scholarships that cover part of the tuition fees and only a handful of full-tuition scholarships. It also offers merit-based fellowships for students from developing countries and partial tuition to female candidates with a high GMAT score (700+) and academic excellence at undergraduate level.

Scholarships by school: USA

Stanford Business School

Their average scholarship is $35000 per year and is awarded by demonstrating financial need.

Wharton Business School

Mostly merit-based, financial assistance program targets students of all backgrounds and usually covers from $20,000 to full tuition plus expenses.

Harvard Business School

HBS has one of the largest budgets for scholarships. They are mainly need-based. An accepted applicant could get from $5000 to full tuition plus monthly payments.

Michigan Ross

Ross gives awards based on academic ability, professional and personal achievements, and potential to contribute to the community. Scholarships go from $10,000 to full tuition.

Chicago Booth

All of Booth’s scholarships are based on merit. There are different programs: academic, diversity, industry, leadership, etc. The amount awarded vary depending on the scholarship. You can take a look at them here.

Tuck School of Business

Tuck offers scholarships based on merit and based on needs. They also are members of the Forté Foundation, which gives scholarships to women in order to support and increase their presence in leadership roles in business.

Texas McCombs

Texas McCombs offers recruiting scholarships, including cash awards and out-of-state tuition waivers. Scholarships are offered to domestic and international candidates who demonstrate a superior record of academic merit and professional accomplishments. The awards range from $5,000 to full tuition and about 40% of their students received them.


MIT offers merit based scholarships and is also part of the Forté Foundation,which offers fellowships to outstanding female candidates.

Kellogg School of Management

Kellogg offers both, merit and need based scholarships. Among merit based scholarships, you can find options for students from under-represented backgrounds, for outstanding female candidates and for candidates from the LGBT community. Only U.S citizens and permanent residents are eligible for need based scholarships.

Berkeley Haas

Haas offers financial aid though their own institutional scholarships and through outside funding (such as Reaching Out MBA -for the LGBT community- and The Consortium -to support diversity).

Duke Fuqua School of Business

Duke Fuqua offers merit based scholarships to all their admitted applicants, which range from partial to full tuition.

Yale School of Management

Yale provides partial merit based scholarships but financial need plays an important role in determining recipients.

NYU Stern

About 25% of admitted students receive merit based scholarship and most of the awards are full or half tuition.

Darden School

Darden offers merit based awards and they have many different options for international students.

UCLA Anderson School of Business

The school offers a wide range of fellowships and also provides a list of outside funding options for candidates.


IESE offers different scholarships for international students and women.


This school offer financial aid based on merit and economic need.

Frankfurt School

Frankfurt offers a limited amount of scholarships to cover tuition and are given based on merit, even though economic need may be taken into consideration as well. There are external scholarships available too.


Columbia Business school offers mostly need based scholarships, even though some scholarships take merit into consideration as well.

In addition to the scholarships for women mentioned earlier, there is the Forté Fellows Program for female candidates from full-time, part-time and executive MBA programs at different business schools worldwide.