Composition of the Exam

The GMAT consists of four different sections: Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Verbal, and Quantitative. The Verbal section is subdivided into Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Correction, and the Quant is composed of Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.

AWA: You will be presented with an argument and asked to think critically about it in the form of an essay.

IR: You will assess data presented in many different formats.

Critical Reasoning: You will be asked to use your critical thinking skills to evaluate arguments.

Reading Comprehension: You will analyze longer blocks of text and distill their key concepts.

Sentence Correction: You will be tested on your ability to identify grammar and communication mistakes in English sentences.

Problem Solving: You will solve math problems and assess data.

Data Sufficiency: You will be asked whether you have enough information to draw certain conclusions about a problem.

Our resources are designed to give you the tools you need to succeed in every section of the GMAT.


Our Resources


You'll begin your program with a full-length, three hour diagnostic test. We look at every error that you make and every problem that takes you a disproportionate amount of time. From there, we'll craft a personalized curriculum for you to ensure your mastery of the GMAT, adjusting it along the way according to your needs. While the skills that we teach remain fixed as a part of our philosophy, the way in which we teach them varies by student. Our coaches will diagnose your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses to best transfer the problem solving skills so vital for the GMAT, business school, and the business world.

All of our paid programs give you full access to all of our resources.


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Homework Logs

We will provide you with a detailed homework log so that we can best keep track of your steady progress. The logs are designed for personal reflection and score analysis, and they have built-in methods to analyze your improvement so that we can craft the course around you.

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Video Content

Our video library includes more than forty hours of video lessons and recorded classes and over ten hours of recorded skill-specific exercises.

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Video Solutions

We provide you with detailed video solutions to all homework problems assigned so you can see our methods and follow our procedures anywhere, anytime.

Post Course Guide

Our plan for test day best practices includes a guide to when you should wake up, what to eat, how much to study, how to get to the test center, and what to expect when arriving at the test center


Customized Quizzes

We create weekly personalized quizzes as another way of keeping tabs on your progress. The quizzes will vary week to week as your strengths and weaknesses evolve.


Full Length Exams

Less frequently, we will assign you full length exams so that we can gauge your improvement more accurately. These three and a half hour tests are designed to simulate game day; take them seriously, and you will see the benefits.


Test Day Advice

Our job does not end after your paid hours are finished. We provide you with a guide to follow, making sure you stay confident, motivated, and poised to dominate the exam.


Our Alumni Network

You study and take the GMAT for a purpose—to get an MBA. Our network of former students are here to help. They will give you advice on the school selection process, detailing their experiences for your benefit. Creating a community of Merchant GMAT Alumni who are committed to helping future MBA candidates is something that we’re extremely proud of. Once your classes are over, you have become part of the Merchant GMAT family.