"...Merchant has a lot of great strategies for improving speed & accuracy..."

I took classes with Merchant GMAT in 2014 and my score improved dramatically from the first practice test: over 100 points after about 5 weeks of prep. Merchant has a lot of great strategies for improving speed & accuracy on the math sections in particular. Highly recommended.

— JAKE M. / 750 / WHARTON

"...Merchant taught me concrete, useful strategies to deal with the questions quickly and effectively..."

Hey all - a quick review by a very happy former client.... I had to do a jam session studying for the GMAT - about 2.5 months total. Given the short period of time and the typical neurosis of any ambitious MBA applicant, I worked with both Merchant GMAT and also Manhattan (the well-known, well-marketed GMAT company). Merchant was simply better and more fun. Manhattan was impersonal and fairly dull. Merchant taught me concrete, useful strategies to deal with the questions quickly and effectively. No bullshit. I got the score I needed, and owe it to the guys at Merchant. Good luck and enjoy!

— MAX R. / 710 / INSEAD

"...They really helped me...work on my weaknesses and improve my time management techniques..."

Joe and Anish were the best coaches!! They really helped me get a great score helping me work on my weaknesses and improve my time management techniques in a fun, relaxed and personalized way. I would definitely recommend their classes to anyone who plans to study for the GMAT!

— Josefina S. / 730 / Columbia

"...What at first seemed extremely hard and time consuming, Anish made simple, quick and easy for me..."

Thanks guys for helping me out! After I did a couple of consulting classes with Anish and joe, I studied hard and got a 710 on the GMAT! On quant Anish helped me with the topics I struggled the most. What at first seemed extremely hard and time consuming, Anish made it simple, quick and easy for me. Both the work we did in class and the material he gave me (amazing) made a huge difference in order to beat the quant part! On verbal, Joe enhanced my skills and provided me with the tools and the rules for cracking 700 level problems in under a minute. I got a 41 on verbal. Studying with these guys I realised how to approach the gmat. Not only they help you improve your test taking skills, but also they improve the way you study, saving you countless hours of ineffective work at home.

— SANTI C. / 710

"...I wouldn't have achieved such a high score without their help..."

Can't recommend Merchant GMAT enough. Was lucky enough to take classes with Joe and Anish - I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have achieved such a high score without their help and tricks to crack the GMAT.

— FER A. / 710 / LBS

"...Joe's optimism far outpaced my own; he really made me believe in myself..."

I worked with Joe over Skype on verbal and he was fantastic! He was especially great at breaking down and summarizing all the little SC rules and developing a workable strategy to tackle CR. I previously severely struggled with CR passages but Joe made them a lot less intimidating and increased my overall accuracy and comfort with that section. His PowerPoints were also super useful first as study guides and later as review material. Perhaps most importantly, Joe's optimism far outpaced my own; he really made me believe in myself when I was quite disheartened with the whole thing. Thanks to all those efforts, my verbal raw score went up from V33 to V40 (both official GMAT results). Thanks a ton, Joe!!!

— MARIA S. / 710

"...The best coaches through the application hell..."

Merchant GMAT is by far the best option if you want to beat the GMAT! Not only they are great explaining the different topics, but they are also the best coaches through the application hell. Hands down the best GMAT prep center.


"Thanks Merchant GMAT! It would have been impossible to pull it off without your help!"

— Matias F. / 680 / NYU Stern

"You guys are the best!"

— Santiago C. / 710 / MIT Sloan

"Best GMAT prep in BA!"

— Cata G. / 720 / Yale SOM

"Excellent professors and people. I really recommend Merchant GMAT!"

— Matias D. / 710 / LBS

"...It's all about their capacity to exploit your potential..."

Merchant GMAT is, hands down, your top choice for GMAT Preparation. I've been working for the past four months with both Joe, on Verbal, and Anish, on Quant and I can assure you it is the best program around! Flexibile scheduling and time-efficient are the best adjectives to describe this preparation experience. It's all about their method -unorthodox, yes, but effective-, their ability to understand your weaknesses, and their capacity to exploit your potential (see how I used a neat parallelism there? 😃).

— Tomas S. / 730 / Kellogg

"...Anish taught me to think the way the test was written..."

I couldn't recommend Merchant GMAT enough. I worked specifically with Anish on my GMAT studying. Despite doing well in math in high school and college, the GMAT quant section was very hard for me. Anish very patiently broke down my way of thinking and got me to look at each problem in a new way. I didn't have to spend endless hours memorizing formulas. Anish taught me instead to think the way the test was written and figure out what each question was really getting at before starting in on solving it. His methods seemed a bit unorthodox at first, but he was persistent, and once I learned the new way of thinking I was able to get a very solid score on quant. Merchant GMAT's plan for me was very personalized, according to my schedule, my study needs, and the kind of encouragement / occasional butt-kicking I needed. He provided lots of additional study resources where I could get information on specific practice questions and was always available for questions via email. We met in person and he kept track of my progress through a private online document we shared, although I know he now does a lot of work through Skype, which means he can be even more flexible. GMAT prep programs are usually VERY expensive. Anish's price point was very fair, especially compared with other courses and considering how personalized the Merchant GMAT program is. It's a very good value, and they will not give up on you or let you give up on yourself. Simply excellent.

— Emily A. / 730 / Berkeley Haas

"...These guys taught me real, proven strategies..."

Anish is a mathematical wizard and Joe is quite the literary badass. These guys Skyped with me for several months as I was preparing for the GMAT and taught me how to tackle the test with real, proven strategies that brought successful results. The best part was that they are genuinely awesome people who are easily relatable and make the lessons fun. I highly recommend them over any other standard prep company-- and they're cheaper too!

— Hazhir K.

"...They prepare customized programs depending on a student's specific needs..."

Hands down the best choice for preparing for the GMAT!! They not only have tons of experience but also are very responsible and prepare customized programs depending on the student's specific needs. Additionally, they've helped me a lot in networking with the University's staff. Recommend 100%.

— Luca R.

"...Their method and personalized approach are very important..."

Joe and Anish were key so that I could overcome the barrier score of 700 in my first sitting. Their method and personalized approach are very important to crack the exam. They know exactly what is necessary to do. I recommend it 100%.

— Patricio M.

"...They have a lot of sources and tools available..."

Anish and Joe are GMAT gurus. They have a lot of sources and tools available that are key to study and to track your progress. Also the classes are complete, fun and tailored to fulfill the student's gap. They gave us useful tricks and great explanations that help us to beat the GMAT. I've increase +110 points since I started with them. I highly recommend them!

— Pia P.

"...They know every aspect of the test..."

Very good and complete course. I definitely recommend to anyone that wants to take the GMAT. They know every aspect of the test, it's quirks and where to focus in.

— Federico V.

— Ivan C.

"...They support you while going through the GMAT hell..."

Merchant GMAT, helped me identify my weaknesses and fears and gave me some awesome hacks to overcome them easily. I'm glad I prepared the GMAT exam with them. They also have very a very cool staff of teachers that not only prepare you for the exam, but also support you while going through the GMAT hell!

— Agustin A.


"Deciding to study for the GMAT with Joe and Anish was the best decision I've made..."

Deciding to study for the GMAT with Joe and Anish was the best decision I've made, regarding studying for the exam, for many reasons. I truly encourage anyone who's seeking a +700 score to pay them a visit. Here are a few reasons on why these guys are the best choice when enrolling at a GMAT course:

1) First and foremost: The GMAT is a means to an end, they know it and they don't just "prepare you to ace the GMAT". I remember I spent my first 30 minutes with them sharing my objectives, concerns, schools I'm aiming for, etc. Later, through the course, they would share with me insights of those schools, ask me key questions to organise my thinking process and, while studying, keep focus on what I was really pursuing I want to emphasise this point because along the way, you are going to get frustrated a lot, but these guys will always help and encourage you to keep moving forward. They don't want you just to score a high grade, they want to help you reach your end goal - get in a business school. Wrapping up: Personal cheering crowd and coaches is a must have and as far as I know, you won't find it everywhere

2) The studying material they provide are more than mere photocopies or summaries from a book. You can clearly tell they update and renew their material to be up to date. Additionally, they keep this material online in such a way that it can be customised for each student, allowing you to focus on your improvement opportunities.

3) Working Late? Live in the middle of nowhere? Feeling bad enough to stay in bed but not bad enough to skip classes? No worries. Classes can be set up via Skype or Hangouts. This flexibility helped me a bunch of times! I admit I wasn't convinced this was an advantage before starting the course... later I understood it's super handy (like doing home office on a sunny Friday haha)

4) It wasn't a huge differential for me, but if you are struggling with the Verbal section, having classes with two native Americans is definitely a plus

5) Last but not least: remember that GMAT courses are not miracle workers - you are sitting for the exam, not them. On that note, what I can say is that if you are really into the GMAT and are a demanding student, Merchant GMAT will positively to that and keep up with the challenge. I can't say the same thing for the others courses!

You've read so far... stop thinking about it and set up a meeting with them!

Thanks again Joe and Anish!


"Thank you for helping out throughout this long MBA process. Thanks to you guys, I'm going to LBS in 5 months!!!"

— BELU B. / 680 / LBS

"...They completely changed my study habits and helped me DOMINATE every weak spot..."

Hands down the best GMAT prep course you can take! Before working with Anish & Joe at Merchant GMAT, I took a well known GMAT course (3 months) and my results were OK. After taking the GMAT 3 times, I wanted to improve my scores and worked with Anish & Joe for 2 months. They completely changed my study habits, approach to problems and helped me DOMINATE every weak spot I had when tackling the GMAT. My score improved drastically thanks to the HUGE strides I was able to make in my Quant score (from a 36 to a 49) and I was able to maintain my solid Verbal score. I would recommend Merchant GMAT to anyone who is serious in studying for the GMAT, willing to work hard and get the best possible score. An added bonus (very important!): Joe and Anish are great guys. The classes are lots of fun and you end up enjoying the whole experience.


"...Their teaching methods allowed me to boost my GMAT score in only eight classes..."

Merchant GMAT is undoubtedly the best GMAT Course!!! Both Joe, in Verbal, and Anish, in Quant, were notably helpful and excellent. I have to say that their teaching methods allow me to boost my GMAT score in only eight classes. Thanks to them I 've got a 710, and I know that in case of taking more classes my score will just go up! Besides, they are really cool people who organize valuable after office events, where you can get in touch with other students who are currently applying or willing to make an MBA.

— IGNACIO C. / 710

"...They made it look easy!..."

Anish and Joe helped me reach a bar I could not have hoped for when I started... And they made it look easy! We followed the schedule they set and I reached the goal we set together. Don't hesitate for a second if you want to improve your GMAT skills!

— Matthieu H. / 740

"...It's all about their original method..."

Merchant GMAT is the course to choose! Joe and Anish will work hard to make sure you reach your objective. It's all about their original method and their ability to understand weaknesses in relaxed and fun atmosphere. I cannot be happier as I also made two amazing friends!

— Maria P. / 680 / CAMBRIDGE JUDGE

"...They offer a personalized course..."

We got to the target score 700 with a 2 mth preparation. The best thing about them is that they offer a personalized course for a fee that is just over that of prep courses for groups. Thanks guys.

— Gabriel A. / 710

"Five Stars!"

—Pablo Z. / 730

"Couldnt have scored that 740 without the help of Anish! #bestcoachever"

— Seb O. / 740 / Columbia and LBS EMBA

"...They will work hard to make sure you reach your goal..."

If you're planning on taking the GMAT, don't think twice: Merchant GMAT is the way to go! They will work hard to make sure you reach your goal score. Couldn't recommend these guys more!

— Michelle S. / 750 / HBS

"...Y'all changed my studying outlook..."

Thank you and Joe for being truly awesome teachers and friends!!! Y'all changed my studying outlook and overall experience with the GMAT. Dare I say it was even fun at times? I already miss our weekly sessions.

— Tess M. / 720 / Stanford

"...It was invaluable to have the Merchant GMAT team rooting for me..."

Merchant GMAT is a fantastic resource for anyone studying for the GMAT. The strategies for tackling the questions were extremely useful. Even more importantly, Anish worked closely with me to help identify my strengths and weaknesses, and developed a targeted program to push my studying process forward. It was invaluable to have the Merchant GMAT team rooting for me up to the day I took the test. I was shocked when I saw my score on test day, which improved by over 50 points, and I owe so much to Anish and Merchant GMAT for the help and support to get there. Highly recommended!

— Jess Y. / 750 / NYU Stern

"...Anish and Joe completely change how you tackle the test..."

If you are preparing for the GMAT don't even consider any other of the few courses available!! Anish and Joe are the BEST and I am so thankful a friend recommended them in time! I had taken a 3 month course elsewhere, but like most, they only go through the basic math and verbal skills. Anish and Joe help you get that high score (+700) by completely changing how you tackle the test, working on your time management, and teaching you different tips to ace it on test day. Bonus, you will end up with two great friends afterwards!

— Maria F.

"...They helped me understand the most advanced concepts..."

The best GMAT teachers! Not only helped me to understand the most advanced concepts, but also helped me to tackle the exam by practicing time keeping and other techniques.

— Santiago P.

"...They gave me the techniques and resources to face the exercises..."

Through his classes, Joe helped me to improve verbal a lot, he gave me the techniques and resources to face the exercises. I really recommend Merchant GMAT!

— Tomas T.

"...They gave me confidence, which really helped on exam day..."

These guys really helped me understand concepts that I'd struggled to learn on my own. The strategies they gave me were extremely helpful. After I finished the course, they regularly reached out during my post-course study plan. Helping me identify where my issues were and giving me confidence, which really helped on exam day.

— Alvaro L.

"...After a few weeks of classes I got my desired score..."

Merchant GMAT helped me improve some errors I was making when taking the exam. After a few weeks of classes I got my desired score when taking my second sitting.

— Cesar V.

"These guys know what you need to get a good score and they give you the guidance you need to reach your goal. Great place!"

— Lucas P.

"...They know the correct tactics and shortcuts..."

If you want to get best GMAT preparation go to Merchant! Anish and Joe know the test really well! They know the correct tactics and shortcuts to approach the test in the best possible way and save lots of time! The material they used is also really well and they are willing to help you every time! Finally, they are really cool!

— Alex R.